An Innovative Approach to Stop Active Bone Bleeding

Throughout the history of surgery, there has been a need for a solution to safely stop active bone bleeding. At last, an innovative, synthetic, resorbable hemostatic bone putty, HEMASORB, moves bone bleeding management into a new era. HEMASORB is today’s solution for bone hemostasis.

Easy to Use

  • Stops bone bleeding upon application 1,2
  • Remains in place
  • Offers controlled, precise application
  • Conforms to the site of care
  • Does not require warming or kneading
  • Ready to use out of package


  • Substantially resorbs within 30 days 1,3
  • Implantation sites assessed at 6 and 8 weeks 3
  • Does not swell

Synthetic (Tissue-Free)

  • Is free from tissue-derived components
  • Meets the ISO10993 standards for biocompatibility
HEMASORB provides an advanced, practical solution to actively and reliably stop bone bleeding. HEMASORB is easy to use, synthetic (tissue-free), and substantially resorbs within 30 days. 1,2

1 When used according to the Instructions For Use.
2 Based on animal and human data on file, ORTHOCON, Inc.*
3 Based on animal data on file, ORTHOCON, Inc.*
* Results from animal studies may not be indicative of clinical results.

ORTHOCON® estimates that over 3.5 million patients undergoing surgeries in the United States and Europe each year could benefit from the intraoperative use of HEMASORB.

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